About Our Therapists


Lindsay Ravensong, LMP

Lindsay has been a practicing massage therapist since 2007. She is proud of her Sinixt and Celtic heritage, and brings a sense of healing joy to every treatment.

She is originally from Alaska and Oregon, but has been living in Seattle since 2000. West Seattle has stolen her heart. She loves the sense of community and giving that pervades the neighborhood.

After completing her internship at Northwest Hospital, Lindsay began her massage career at PacMed, where she assisted women who had undergone mastectomy surgeries. Her training in the birthing center and the oncology departments at NW Hospital engendered a love of helping people in great need of solace.

She was introduced to the beautiful practice of Lomi Lomi in 2010. Lomi Lomi is a style of massage based on traditional Polynesian practices throughout Oceania. Lindsay's training is in the Hawaiian style of Lomi Lomi. This practice views the body and the soul as one. Every limb is masssaged, stretched and soothed. She has studied on the mainland from students of Aunty Margaret, and on the Big Island from teachers who have learned from a variety of local Lomi Lomi masters.

In addition to Lomi Lomi massage, Lindsay is trained in injury treatment and prevention. Her specialties are knees, necks and shoulders, but she is well attuned to problems with the hips and wrists as well. Mobility and full range of motion are integral to the health of the body.

Beyond massage, Lindsay loves providing spa services. These services are deeply relaxing with a range of benefits for the skin of the body. Scrubs, masques, wraps, steam, and fruit peels keep your skin looking fresh and feeling new!


Please feel free to email or call Lindsay with any questions you may have about her background or services!