Services and Rates


Lomi Lomi Massage $50-$200

Lomi Lomi means to knead, but also to return home. This massage style orginates in the Hawaiian islands. Each muscle and joint is moved through its full range of motion, allowing for deep stretching of all tissues. Your body will begin to return to its most ideal state.

Opu Huli Massage 

Abdominal massage ideal for jet lag, high stress individuals, slow intestines, asthma and breathing problems. Deeply relaxing, and utterly enjoyable! 

Hapai Massage 

Pregnancy Massage to help bring balance and peace to mothers. This style is done with the mother reclined upright, supported by pillows. Any trimester can receive this massage.

Injury Treatment Massage $120/hr

Treatment massage is used to focus directly on injured tissues. A doctor's referral is necessary for insurance billing.
Lindsay specializes in knees, necks, and hips. She has effectively treated sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, TMJ syndrome, and frozen shoulder syndrome.
Lashanna specializes in hips, chest muscles, and TMJ. She is exceptional in the art of releasing stubborn tension, and enjoys aiding in the relief of anxiety disorders and high stress individuals.

Sports Massage $50-$100

This treatment is designed to stretch muscles, mobilize joints and relieve fatigue due to exercise. Also appropriate during the training period before athletic events. 

All Lomi Lomi Style Massages are priced the same. $50 for 30 min, $100 for 60 min, $150 for 90 min, $200 for 120 min.  Senior discount available.


Spa Services

Hydrating Cocoon Wrap  - $80

Deeply relaxing, this treatment is a full body dry brush, followed by super moisturizing cream. You are then wrapped up in steamed towels while receiving foot, scalp, and neck massage. The exceptionally deep heat and steam from the towels soothes tired muscles, relieves pain from exercise, increases circulation, and just feels amazing!

Full Body Salt Scrub  - $70

A super exfoliating treatment using extra fine salt, botanicals, and essential oils, followed with a hydrating oil massage for glowing skin. Choose rose, Q'et'um (cedar, orange, juniper,) or lavender scented salt. Minerals from the salt nourish your skin, while the invigorating application increases circulation, moves lymph through the body, and sloughs off dead skin. You have never felt softer or more hydrated!


Spa Add-Ons - $10

  • back scrub with salt added to any massage
  • aromatherapy meditation added to any treatment
  • moisturizing back masque application added to any massage

Massage Series Packages 

A wonderful deal to help integrate regular massage into your health care! Any massage is available in a series of three at a 25% discounted rate! (Cannot be billed to insurance.) We recommend massage packages be used with only one therapist. 

  • Three 30 min massages: $112.50
  • Three 60 min massages: $225
  • Three 90 min masages: $337.50
  • Three 120 min massages: $450

Senior Massages and Services

Senior services are all $10 less (except the spa add-ons) for anyone 65 and older. Senior Massage Series Package is $180 for three 60 min massages.



All prices subject to change without notice.