"Lashanna is a great therapist. I'm thankful to know that when Lindsay isn't available, I've got someone I can count on to help me." -Daniel G.

"Lindsay has the uncanny ability to detect problem areas through her hands and find a resolution. As a new mom of a very big baby I had a lot of pains and strains in weird places and she sorted me out. Also well versed in aromatherapy--could you ask for anything more?! Highly recommend Ms. Ravensong" - Megan H.


"Another success! Knee feels better. Wow!!! You do know your stuff!" - Arnold V.


"I started seeing Lindsay after a car accident last year left pretty much my whole body sore and stiff. She has an incredibly calm and gentle spirit, but also a great sense of humor. Some days I would go in and we'd talk about cute animal videos we'd seen, other days I'd be so sore and tired I didn't want to talk and she always seemed to be in tune to that and let me be without the silence being uncomfortable. Not only that, but she is savant-level knowledgeable about anatomy and can confidently explain why a muscle manipulation she's doing is helping. She is, in short, the best of the best of the best." - Bea F.


"Lindsay has spoiled me - I don't think I can ever go to another LMP! She truly has a healing touch. I learn something new about my muscles and joints every time I have an appointment. She's friendly and funny, and caters the level of conversation to my mood. I love hearing about her travels and experiences - she's led an interesting life! Her prices are extremely reasonable for her high level of skill and knowledge. If I had unlimited income, I'd see her every day!" - Erin L.


"I was lucky to visit Lindsay's new location yesterday, and it suits her perfectly. Bright, cheerful, and smells good! I hadn't had a massage in quite awhile, so Lindsay had her work cut out for her, but as always, she worked magic on my broken-down body. Smart, intuitive,  caring, and conscientious-all things that you want in a massage therapist, and you get 'em all in one smiley package with Lindsay." - Monique P.